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Bespoke Patches - Trusted Name in The UK

Bespoke Patches - Trusted Name in The UK

Customized Patches For Every Application

We deliver you exactly what you want - from custom patches for denim jackets, hipster patches, to emblems for bikers and morale patches to honor the battalion - we got it all covered. We are the best source for any personalized patch you wish to have - either a single custom patch or in bulk.

We also got covered the widest range of backings too! You pick from an arsenal of options. Be it iron-on patches , sew-on cotton badges, quick patches, or anything else, you'd get great-look outcomes, parallel to your specifications. We are here to make your experience awesome, and fantastic!

We take pride in offering our fastest patches design online service throughout England, London, Northern Ireland, Belfast, Scotland, Edinburgh, Wales, Cardiff, Britain, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol, and Birmingham. You can place your order from the comfort of your couch.

Iron-on Patches Iron-on Patches

Easiest way to apply patches to the fabric,
without any hassle!

Embroidered Patches Embroidered Patches

Express yourself artistically with the
beautiful embroidery

Velcro Patches Velcro Patches

Get the velcro patches to save yourself
from the mess

Sew on Patches Sew on Patches

Continue the tradition of sewing on
patches that stands out

Biker Patches Biker Patches

Redefine your passion for riding bikes by having the
coolest patches in the town.

Morale Patches Morale Patches

Represent your unit, battalion, or team in
the most unique way

Back Patches Back Patches

Choose from an array of back patches to announce
your personality among all

Jacket Patches Jacket Patches

Add some more charm to your jacket by attaching
an attractive patch to it

Military Patches Military Patches

Get hold of durable emblems that can withstand
all harsh weather conditions.

Cotton Patch Cotton Patch

We leverage you with superior quality cotton
badges to stand out.

Top-Ranked Patches Designer in London, UK

Patches Designer in UK
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Top-Picked Patch Maker in UK

"I need a trustworthy patches maker near me" - did we just spell out your words? If yes, then we are proud that you made your way here. Our patches design website features the widest portfolio of our expertise in almost every type of cotton badge, including large patches, cotton patches, morale patches, emblems for clothes, and much more.

Another inspiring fact about Bespoke Patches lies in the well-trained and experienced staff! We are a team of quilters, creative heads, artistic designers, and innovators, who are never tired of producing fresh and crisp, and unique results. These professionals have got an excellent eye to assemble the right color combination that can turn the heads around.

Affordable and cheap rates are another reason for being always picked by the clients over other patches design companies in UK. We do not cost over the odds - instead, the prices are cheapest to facilitate everyone in the town. Throughout many years, we have earned immense recognition and won several local and international awards.

Simple Steps to Place Order Simple Steps to Place Order
Upload Your Design

Pour down all your expectations, suggestions, and hints, so we can have a clear vision of what you.


The creative designer will transform your suggestion into the digital design

Approve The Sample

The designer will send you the sample so you can approve it - or else, get the re-edit done

Recieve Your Order

After the approval, we'd process it further to breathe a soul into your ideas

Bespoke Patches UK - Upload Your Design
Bespoke Patches UK - Digitalize
Bespoke Patches UK - Approve The Sample
Bespoke Patches UK - Recieve Your Order
What Our Customers Say About Us Bespoke Patches - Satisfied Customer
“Experienced Team” Bespoke Patches UK - 5 Star Rating

I was a patch maker myself several years back, and I can surely say that they are using quality raw materials. The quality is perfect and unrivaled. I have rarely seen any company using top-notch quality raw products.

Bespoke Patches UK - Paul
“Highly Satisfied” Bespoke Patches UK - 5 Star Rating

I testify that the experience with Bespoke Patches was beyond perfection. They are the best people in the town. The team listened to my entire briefing and then produces the results. I am very satisfied with them.

Bespoke Patches UK - Angela
“Quality Checked” Bespoke Patches UK - 5 Star Rating

I am blown away by the quality results. I cannot believe the patches I received. The color combo looked flawless (I allowed the designer to incorporate colors by themselves, and they did an amazing job surely.

Bespoke Patches UK - Kim John
Kim John
Frequently Asked Questions Bespoke Patches - Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am unhappy with the design?


We offer you free re-edits until you have achieved complete satisfaction with the order. We expect the client to share complete feedback so the expert specialists can work according to it. We charge nothing for the edits and redo until you are fully satisfied with the product.

How do you quote prices?

According to the customization.

We have a few standard rates. But when a buyer goes for customization, the prices may fluctuate. To receive the price quote, you will have to share your design sample and requirements. We'd analyze it, and revert to the market competitive prices.

How long will it take to deliver my order?

It depends. But standard turnaround time is 7-8 days.

Depending on the complexity and quantity of the order the turnaround time tends to fluctuate. But we try our best to deliver the order before the real deadline. If not, it will be handed over to you on the mutually decided date and time - be carefree!

Will the color fade away over time?


The product has the ability to withstand several cycles of wash without fading its color or losing its charm. We have invested in the superior quality of products that ultimately helps the product to serve the buyer for the longest time possible. No such complaints have been received to date.

Can I choose any color of my choice?

Of course!

We have a limitless directory of various colors that enables you to choose from a pool of options. To date, it has never happened that we run out of colors. But in case if that happens, we'd arrange it for you. So with us, you will have to face no limitations.

What makes you unique among patches design companies in UK?

Artistry and professionalism!

We are creative of all - and we claim that confidently. No one can beat the level of creativity we possess. Also, the experience we carry is another major plus! We have an experienced set of eyes, making it easier for us to carry out the process efficiently and effectively.

Do you offer all types of patches in the UK?

Yes - we do!

We have the broadest spectrum of services. The portfolio includes iron patches, embroidered patches, velcro patches, sew-on patches, biker patches, morale patches, back patches, jacket patches, military patches, and cotton patches. We are not limited by any means.

Customers Testify Our Designers Patches

What I am not happy with is the quality of the order?

That doesn't happen!

If the buyer is not happy with the final quality, the quality assurance team looks into the matter to identify the problem and fix it. If the problem is encountered with the quality of the fabric, it is immediately replaced without any charges. However that rarely happens because the assurance team hand-inspect each order before final delivery.