Design Your Own Custom Biker Patches

How To Make Biker Patches – Design Your Own Custom Biker Patches

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When it comes to patches, using them for biker jackets takes the top spot as the oldest and most popular application. Motorcycling gangs have been proudly sporting these badges on their jackets for ages. And if you’ve ever watched shows like Sons of Anarchy and Mayans M.C., you’ll know just how sacred these patches are to their club members.
Initially, patches were intended to create a sense of unity among the club, but over time, they evolved into symbols of honor. Even decades later, the idea of receiving a custom patch for your club vest still excites many bikers.
Now, you might be wondering how to design a custom biker patch. Fear not, it’s actually pretty simple, and we’re here to show you how! So, whether you’re a new business fulfilling an order from an MC club or a gang member looking to update your bikers’ patches, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

Learn How To Make Biker Patches In Only 8 Simple Steps

• Step 1: Decide On A Fabric For The Patches

When it comes to making crests, you’ve got a range of fabric options – from PVC to wool and cotton. But for biker patches, choosing the right material is a big deal and requires careful consideration. After all, these patches will be put through some serious wear and tear, given the rough and tough conditions they’ll face.
Plus, you want these patches to be not only durable but also visually appealing. That’s where fabrics like denim and heavy cotton come into play. These personalised biker patches UK are the top picks of motorcyclists because they can stand the test of time and look great while doing it. And if you ask us, we recommend going with denim – its rugged charm adds a touch of classiness to the whole biker gang vibe!

• Step 2: Choose A Design

Now, we’ve reached the most important step in the whole process. If you want your biker gang to stand out – and of course, in a seriously cool way – then choosing the perfect design is absolutely crucial. It’s all about capturing the true essence of your motorcycle club.
Usually, a good approach is to add some extra design elements to the MC’s logo. But if your bikers don’t already have a proper logo, you will need to do a little research. Head over to Pinterest and similar websites for some inspiration on biker patches.
Once you find a design that catches your eye, you can customise it as per your preference. For the best results, we recommend trying colors and elements that either match or perfectly complement the color of the biker jackets.

• Step 3: Draw Your Design On A Paper

Alright, it’s time to bring your vision to life! Don’t worry if you’re not a pro artist – this is just a prototype. Grab a pencil and paper, and let’s get started on sketching the design you had in mind.
Remember, it’s all freehand, so there’s no need for perfection. This drawing will serve as a reference for the real deal, which will be done on the computer later. So, have fun with it!
Feel free to play around with different colors at this stage if you’ve got the time. But don’t stress if you don’t. You can always choose a color palette on the computer during the final touches.

• Step 4: Set The Embroidery Program On Your Computer And Upload The Design

Now this is the fun part! Once you’ve got your sketch all finalised, it’s time to bring it to life on your computer. First, scan the design and upload it to the embroidery program. This step is called digitizing, and it helps your embroidery machine easily understand the design.
If you’re wondering about the best embroidery software for custom morale patches UK, our top recommendations would be Inkscape, 2Stitch Organizer, Embird, and Hatch.
Once your design is uploaded, you’ll be presented with a bunch of options to turn your simple image into embroidery. From choosing the size, colors, stitches, and shades, to outlining your design, you can do it all here. Basically, everything you couldn’t achieve on paper can now be accomplished in this digital playground!

• Step 5: Send Your Finalised Design To The Embroidery Machine

This step can be a little tricky for some people, but it’s not complicated at all. Just read attentively! Your embroidery machine would have come with a data cable. Grab that cable and use it to connect your computer and machine. But before you do that, make sure your machine is switched off.
Once you have connected the cord, go ahead and turn on the machine. You should now see a screen pop up on your computer, showing the contents. Now, all you need to do is drag and drop your patch design into this folder.

• Step 6: Adjust The Settings Of The Machine

Once you’ve uploaded your design to the machine, you will be greeted with a settings screen window. Choose the embroidery option, and there you’ll find your design waiting for you. The machine will even let you know which stitch and thread color it’ll start with.
Double-check everything to make sure it’s all good to go. Then, attach the material to the machine, and with a confident tap on the green button, watch as your customised sew on patches start coming to life!
Meanwhile, you can kick back and relax and let the machine do its job. However, stay nearby so you can immediately intervene in case of any problems.

• Step 7: Trim The Patch

Set the machine free and release the fabric it’s holding onto. Now, take a close look at the embroidery to make sure there are no imperfections or loose threads lurking around. Once you’ve ensured that everything is good, go ahead and trim off any extra fabric and take out the patch.

• Step 8: Attach The Emblem To The Fabric

Now that you’ve done a great job designing your biker crest, there’s just one final step – attaching it to the garment! You can do this by sewing it on with neat, evenly-spaced stitches around the edges. Alternatively, you can use fabric glue, but we recommend the sewing method because it ensures a more secure attachment!

Start Designing Your Custom Biker Patches Like A Pro

If you haven’t made a patch before, you might think it’s boring and takes a long time. However, we assure you that crafting your badges can be incredibly enjoyable, and you’ll never want to buy pre-made crests again!
Creating custom biker emblems for your gang is a fantastic way to contribute to your community. And who knows, if the members like your designs, you might even get promoted within their ranks!

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