What You Should Know About Motorcycle Gang Patches

What You Should Know About Motorcycle Gang Patches

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Motorcycling is now not only used as a mode of transportation. With the transformation in everyone’s life, motorcycling has become a culture with its norms, dress code, and community.

The motorcycle culture has made an impact around the globe. The elements of these cultures include customized-designed motorcycles, their clubs, motorcycle rallies, and the unique patches that give their costumes a different look. Within these biker cultures, the patches worn by these riders are merely decorative, but in reality, they have some hidden meaning that is most impactful.  

These reinforcements are either worn on jackets, vests, or cuts; they indicate motorcycle club members and often have deeper or hidden meanings. Their striking colors and bold images frequently attract a large audience of cruiser enthusiasts who are dying to join these clubs and look cool. This led to the insane riders surfing online stores, buying motorcycle club patches, and attaching them to their clothing without reading the rules.

If you’re among those who want to become the coolest rider in your community, first find out about the norms of wearing biker patches by reading this blog.

The Rules For Wearing Patches

These patches are not just pieces of stickers; they communicate information about club members. If you’re caught wearing the wrong patch, this could result in being disrespectful, or you are violating the rules and making an act of provocation. This is the hidden reason that motorcycle patches are restricted from following some rules and regulations.

Let’s explore and highlight the guide to wear biker patches before you try using a motorcycle club patch.

Club patches are awarded

Riders work hard and dedicate their efforts to hit the jackpot of getting rewarded with these patches.

One of the central rules is to earn it before you wear it. This shows that it is a moment of pride for bike riders, showing their belonging to their organization and loyalty to their clubs. This level of pride stems from the hardships each member has to go through before getting awarded. This is a long journey, and members have gone through it to get connected with their club and serve them with their hearts and souls. This achievement of companionship is celebrated by awarding these customized motorcycle patches. 

It concludes that MC members do not appreciate this act when outsiders use their colors. Using the name MC through displaying patches on your jackets or vests can be dangerous. Always cross-check with the local community lead before you wear them.

Never touch other riders’ patch

These patches are visual representations of the rider’s life. Most of them feel proud wearing their awarded designations till the final stop sign in the sky, with many buried in their vests.

These patches share the story of the rider’s beginning, their veteran status, and the brotherhood they have developed with other riders from their club. It is natural that the proud members of the club don’t want anyone to touch their valuable symbols. Don’t touch patches; this is considered an act of unashamedness and disrespect.

Remember! This rule applies to colors and vests, even as these are more essential belongings of the MC than individuals. Utilizing any of these items can shake the entire club. 

Respect Veteran motorcycle patches

Veteran patches, also known as army patches, are earned in the same way as motorcycle gang patches. These patches are to be respected like other patches, as veteran culture is one of the core foundations of biker life.

Wearing these veteran biker patches displays army ranks or medals. If used by some external sources, it is considered disrespectful to share the hard work of army men and women. You can carry your country’s flag on your jacket or vest if you’re patriotic.

Respect these patches, or you’ll end up committing the act of misbehavior. It will point out an act where you’ve never served these organizations and use their name. This rule is even applicable to the rider club members. Refrain from wearing those patches that are designed specifically for veteran motorcyclists.   

Obey instructions and Remove your patch

By the middle of this blog, you will be able to clarify certain rules you should follow before wearing any patch. You might have understood the fact that these patches are more than a bit of cloth and colored thread. The vest and back of the jacket are the imagery of one’s life worthy of friendship, and joy, and have a different meaning to the one wearing it.

It is a common situation when you might be asked by the head of the motorcycle club to remove the patch and give it back. We know this is a tense state, but you need to stay calm and communicate with them to understand the reason behind this statement. You will learn what to avoid and be on good terms at the end of the conversation.

Be respectful to those who have made sacrifices as club members to earn this position. It is often phrased, ‘You’ve got to give respect to get respect’. This is even the same condition here.  

Consider your color palette before you design yours

It is a core task to design your patch that stands out differently. You can look for various options online and globally while paying focus to Velcro Patches UK to help you with the customization process. There are often limited options for images, slogans, and designs when you’ve to design your customized patch. In the same way, there are limited options for choosing colors from the palette. Most motorcycle clubs have patches with a hint of black, red, and gold touches. If you want to design yours, avoid using these shades to minimize the chances of offending a club. 

Place the motorcycle patch where it belongs

When placing the patch on your dress, you need to look for the positions allocated by a legal motorcycle club. It is evaluated that the correct placement of patches is on your vest or jacket. You cannot stray from this rule. 

Of course, we know you’re looking for patches that can make your vest rocking! What is the need to make yourself tired if the vest does not exist? You need to return your vest once you’ve exited from the club.   

Take away

Towards this blog’s end, we learned that bike patches are stylish accessories with simple but strict rules to follow. In this blog, you have learned some of the important rules. These rules are not new, but the same set of rules have been used and followed for decades. Till the time motorcycle world goes under revolutionary changes, the rules will remain the same. It is better to follow them without imposing any questions.

Though it might feel like these rules have restricted us from customizing a patch of our choice to prove our creative skills, deep research and permission can help you express your artistic skills.  

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