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Creative Ways To Style Iron-On Patches On Jackets

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Iron-on patches have made a comeback in the fashion world and are currently dominating all other badge types. They are no longer mere practical mending tools, but rather, they have transformed into trendy accessories. Though you can adhere them to a variety of garments, they look the most appealing on the jacket. They add a pop of personality to this staple, turning simple outwear into a unique fashion statement.

However, you can only turn your garb into a masterpiece if you try out-of-the-ordinary ways to apply iron-on patches. We have researched thoroughly to curate a bunch of creative ideas that will help you elevate your jackets. Let’s get down to the business!

6 Stylish Ideas To Customise Jackets With Iron-On Patches For DIY Enthusiasts

Create Theme-Based Designs

    Rather than getting any iron-on patches, choose a theme and create a design based on it to turn your jacket into a storytelling piece. For instance, you can go for a travel theme and use badges of your favourite landmarks, maps, and travel quotes. It is a great way to express your love for travel and commemorate destinations you’ve already visited.

    All nature and animal lovers can apply motifs of animals, plants, or celestial designs. It will offer a whimsical and earthy feel to your garb. On the other hand, a music and pop culture theme would also work equally well. Adhere to emblems that display your favourite bands, TV shows, web series, or movies to pay a walking tribute to your interests.

    Similarly, you can create a theme of ice cream and include different types in your garment to make it cute. Another idea is to get all motifs with grungy vibes to flaunt a different feel through your attire.

    Choose Placement Areas Strategically

    The placement of your badges is going to change the entire look of your jacket. One of the creative ways for it is to achieve a symmetrical arrangement and apply embroidered patches evenly on both sides of your garment. It will offer you a balanced look, especially on a bomber or denim jacket.

    Otherwise, you can create a clustered design on one side of the sleeve and this asymmetrical style will draw attention. Another idea for making a bold statement is to scatter motifs all over the garb for a more eclectic look. If you have plenty of emblems, apply them randomly all over your outerwear and achieve a showstopper look.

    For instance, three large circular motifs are applied on the right front side, while two other ones are adhered to on the left. Paste similar ones on both sleeves to create a decent appeal. In another case, you can integrate multiple ones on the lower part of the jacket while balancing out with the empty above portion.

    Mix Different Textures And Sizes

    Using badges of the same size and textures has become old-fashioned and you deserve to try something new in 2024. So, combine pieces of different textures and sizes to add depth and interest to your garb. For instance, mix fabric emblems along with the embroidered ones to create a rich, tactile contrast.

    Moreover, a large insignia should be applied at the centre of the backside and surrounded by smaller ones for a cohesive appeal. You can also adhere multiple tiny ones to your outerwear’s collar to let it steal the spotlight. Another idea is to get motifs of different sizes and shapes, such as square, round, rectangle, star, and triangle. Create an eye-catching artwork with it on the back of your outerwear and let the front maintain the minimalism.

    One more way to create a beautiful impact is to apply tiny ones close to each other, plus singular ones at a distance. Choose cartoons, gaming characters, and funky quotes as iron on patches for jackets in this case.

    Incorporate Other Embellishments

    Don’t limit your personalisation endeavour to patches alone; welcome other embellishments to enhance your outerwear. Mixing enamel pin badges and the fabric or embroidered ones would add more depth to your personalisation. You can also add some studs, rhinestones, or metal studs to make your outwear shine bright with sparkles.

    You can either go around the patch or away from them, like on the collar and cuffs, to make your garb stand out. If you have some artistic skills, take up a brush and some colourful paints to create artwork to animate your patchwork. Or you can dye your outerwear in a skilled manner before applying motifs to level up its attractiveness.

    Experiment With Diverse Jacket Styles

    You may like a certain style, but it doesn’t need to go with every jacket style. This outwear comes in so many types, such as denim and bomber. Each style requires a unique approach to personalisation. Staying mindful about what goes with a particular garment style will help you customise it in the best possible way.

    For instance, an iron-on patch of any shape, colour, size, or design would work well on denim. You can still experiment with different themes and placements to find out what suits your style best. On the other hand, bomber jackets are a wonderful choice if you want to create a military-inspired look. Focus on its chest and sleeves to apply motifs and other embellishments.

    Similarly, you can design your custom biker patches or ask professionals to do so and stick them to your leather outwear. Opt for bold, contrasting designs to achieve a sleek biker look, but make sure you don’t overload motifs onto your garment.

    Dip Your Outwear Into Seasonal Updates

    Another creative way to style your jacket with iron-on patches is to dip it into seasonal updates or special occasions. For example, use bright, cheerful coloured badges and festival themes to personalise your outerwear in the summer.

    Switch to snowflakes, cosy animals, or holiday themes for your emblem customisation if you’re revamping your gear in the winter. Adopt your insignias according to holiday themes, such as Halloween, Easter, or Christmas, if you want to create a special staple. It would let you achieve head-turning attire and style your gear on another level.

    Summing It All Up

    Iron-on patches offer endless opportunities for creativity and self-expression. Whether you’re revamping an old favourite or customising a new piece, these tips can help you create a jacket that’s uniquely yours. You can use your creativity to create more unique designs using the useful tips we’ve shared above. So, grab your iron, gather your patches, and start crafting a fashion-forward masterpiece that tells your story.

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