How Woven Labels Are Redefining Fashion Norms In The UK

How Woven Labels Are Redefining Fashion Norms In The UK

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Are you a fashion enthusiast?  Have you heard about woven labels?

Every fashion lover knows the importance of appealing woven labels in their garments.

Despite being small and unnoticeable, they are essential to different businesses and goods. This perfectly detailed tag incorporates the company’s quality, personality, and attention to detail, as well as brand care instructions and name. In the world of textiles, fashion, and even outside of those industries, woven labels are an important component.

Woven tags are the same as signatures in the fashion world. They are uniquely created to capture the spirit of a brand’s look and concept. Each woven label has its own story to tell. The message a label has to deliver depends on the color, material, style, and text you choose. These labels are more than just for the purpose of decoration. They create an important element of clothing, keeping the user connected with the story of the brand.

Custom woven labels are the most profound branding tool and play a huge role in the success of clothing business brands. It helps you to make your brand stand out from others in the global business market.

In this blog, you will read everything you know about labels and their importance.

 Why Woven Labels? Let’s Understand It First

If you look at the positions of woven labels, you will notice that they are always positioned inside the garment, mostly right in the center. Whether it’s a shirt or pants, they are placed at the right in the center. In shirts, it’s sewn below the collar, whereas in pants, it’s positioned below the belt area.  A woven tag is a continuous reminder of your brand every time a customer wears those garments.

Not only is it a constant reminder, but it is also a citing point that helps people look for care instructions as well as the size of the outfit. Additionally, various types of tags work well with different clothing types. However, Custom Woven Labels UK is not only important to your marketing strategy, but when you invest in them, you are investing in long-lasting labels that will resist the duration of the garment.

Withstanding The Duration Of Your Garment

Many fashion designers struggle in their minds when deciding on a label. They need clarification on satin or woven labels. Well, woven labels are soft and can resist multiple washes. No matter how many times you wear it, the label remains the same until you cut it out.  Even after years, your logo remains on a woven tag. The color might slightly change, but your brand name is not going anywhere.

Satin labels are the same as woven labels, but they are a lot softer and more expensive. At the same time, they are not as durable as woven tags. After some time, the logo will fade away on a satin label. So, when it comes to durability, woven labels promote your brand identity for years.

Sustainable Woven Labels

Woven labels have become more popular in recent years because of its sustainability. Customers have become highly aware of their choices, and brands are deciding on eco-friendly options. One of the main reasons for the popularity of woven labels is that they are crafted with organic components and recycled fibers. These labels attract those who are environmentally conscious customers. Brands may represent their quality and dedication to the environment by using woven labels.

How Are Woven Labels Made?

Woven labels can be made from two methods, cutting-edge technology and conventional workmanship. When selecting a fabric for the label, the nature of the product and brand image are carefully considered.  Accuracy is important for the process in both conventional and automated methods. Each thread is carefully woven together to produce a label. The label must be durable and aesthetically pleasing. If you know how to make embroidered patches, then making a label must be easier for you because the process of crafting these both is almost the same.

Printed Label vs. Woven label

We have always heard about iron-on emblems vs Velcro patches. Similar to that debate, we have woven labels vs printed labels. Printed logos can contain brand names and logos that are digitally printed directly onto your desired material. There are no limitations to the palette of colors. You can choose any color you want. At the same time, woven labels are crafted with threads giving a classic touch to your outfits.

Let’s have a look at some differences between these two labels.


Printed labels are easy to produce and are cheaper. On the other hand, woven labels require more attention, which is why they cost more material and are slightly expensive.


Woven tags last longer as compared to printed labels. After all, they are crafted after paying great attention and are more resistant even after multiple washes.

Professional Quality:

We all have noticed that woven tags are excessively seen on garments because of the high quality they provide. Woven labels give a more luxurious impression than printed ones. But printed labels offer the same professional look on lightweight outfits. Just like people seeking clarity, go for Iron on Patches UK. Similarly, woven labels are a great option for high-definition results.


Woven labels mostly have contact details, brand names, and website addresses. In contrast, printed labels can combine hundreds of various colors in a small place to produce advanced and intricate designs.

Data Variation:

Printed labels are usually where brands have to include outfit sizes. And it is costly to mention sizes as well, so people prefer printed tags.

Let’s Sum Up

Lastly, woven labels are downplayed yet are very important components in many sectors. These tags offer essential information and brand identity. Also, they develop enduring relationships with customers.  They are a lot more than just the pieces of fabric-sewn products. These labels express quality, originality, and workmanship. No matter if they are placed on the hem of the quilt, sleeves, or collar, they will continue to serve as tale-tellers. We hope now you have an idea about the quality and importance of woven labels after reading this blog. Keep in mind that the quality of these tags depends on the supplier or manufacturer you choose. It is necessary to do your research and contact a reputable company. 

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