Why To Choose Embroidered Patches Over Direct Embroidery?

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The new year has arrived, and we have entered 2023 with a fresh spirit to look even better this year. Some new fashion trends will be introduced, but we have only one piece of advice for you. Rather than emulating others, try to create your own look. As far as personalizing your clothing is concerned, there is no other better option than embroidered patches.

They add a personalized touch to your outfit so you can take ownership of your style. In this blog, we are going to discuss how sewed badges are a better option to adorn your clothing than direct embroidery. You will become a bigger patch enthusiast if you successfully reach the end of this highly informative fashion-oriented write-up.

The Comparison Between Patches And Direct Needlework

Most of you might not know the difference between these terms, so before we start discussing which one is better, let’s quickly get an overview of both.

Direct Embroidery – It is the process when you apply the design directly onto your desired piece of clothing. Your logo, text, or any other graphical design gets embedded into the garment. You cannot remove it from your shirt, jeans, cap, or bag as it will damage the material.

Custom Patches – The term is pretty clear by its name. Firstly, your design is stitched on a patch, then placed on top of your desired garment. Custom embroidery patches are attached through special adhesives or can be ironed or sewn to the fabric. Since they are not directly sewn, you can remove them without damaging the material.

Which One Would Cost You More?

If we talk about the cost, cotton badges are a way more economical option than direct embroidery. We all desire to look more fashionable, but keeping an eye on the budget is important. The introduction of computerized designs and the latest technologies for sewing has made cotton badges a more cost-effective alternative as compared to direct stitching.

Those people who want more realistic designs with finer details can go with embroidered emblems as they are significantly cheaper and offer complete bang for your buck. The badges are easier to produce and can also be reused. If we compare these two garment adorning options, emblems with the needlework are hands down more affordable and budget-friendly.

Embroidered Patches Offer Unmatched Versatility

Gone are the days of plain and boring clothing. Now people like to add different details to their clothing and personal accessories. You can pick your desired design and either get it directly sewed on the fabric or get it stitched as a patch. Embroidered emblems have the edge here because they are easier to apply and can be attached to any surface.

Different types of products, like golf bags and backpacks, require a special sewing machine to sew your design directly on the fabric. On the other hand, the biggest benefit to design patches online is that you can use them for any garment or accessory of your choice. The flexibility and enhanced accessibility make custom badges a more handy choice.

Cotton Badges Can Be Used To Make Bold Fashion Statements

Personalised badges and emblems have never been out of trend. You can walk anywhere and notice a big chunk of the audience wearing something that has custom badges sewn on them. It has become so popular that even celebrities have started incorporating these badges into their outfits. Patches are an option to express yourself through your clothing.

We can say that custom emblems are the current biggest things in the fashion world right now. Direct needlework can also give your apparel a more luxurious look, but it certainly lacks the charm that sewed badges have. The visual appeal and uniqueness of cotton patches make them win the fashion battle quite easily against direct stitching.

Sewn Insignia Are Even Considered As Collectibles

People customize those designs which are quite close to their hearts. It can be your favourite sports team’s logo or something related to the celebrity that you admire the most. The colourful and intricate artwork makes these emblems more attractive. Since the designs can be removed and reused for other fabrics, you can keep them as memorabilia.

Once the shirt or any fabric gets old, and you cannot use it any further, the design will go away with that garment if it is directly applied to it. However, you can easily detach a patch and add it to your collection of rare valuables. Embroidered sew on patches UK of the police, military units, and fire departments are mostly considered souvenir emblems.

Direct Sewing Is Not A Smart Option For Branding

As a business owner, you should not use direct stitching to get your logo imprinted on the merchandise. At the end of the season, you will end up with tons of products that will remain undistributed. For the next marketing drive, if your branding team comes up with a new design, then all those pieces will go to waste, which is not a good thing.

In place of direct embroidery, if you use patches, then you can cut down your cost. The old designs can be removed, and the new ones can be applied to the same products. This greater usability is the reason why so many people prefer badges over direct embroidery. A wise businessman will always try to save his money.

Let’s Announce The Winner!

If we take a look at all the points mentioned above, the winner is quite clear. An embroidered badge, whether it is plain or ornate, is better in every aspect. The custom patches elevate your wardrobe and add sparkle to your personalised marketing accessories, which is hard to achieve through direct stitching. Patches have been in trend for all these years because they help people mirror their feelings in their fashion style without exceeding the budget. From affordability to flexible usage, direct embroidery can never surpass the benefits of customized emblems. We hope that after reading this blog, now you will feel more confident while using embroidered patches.

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