How To Celebrate Christmas Using Embroidered Patches

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Christians, as well as non-Christians, celebrate Christmas to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ on the 25th of December.

It is also known as Xmas, Nativity, and Noel. You will get to see the vibes of this festival when the days are near. Enthusiasts decorate their homes from the inside as well as outside. You would also get to see buildings and streets lit with lights and other decorative items.

People buy new dresses based on the theme of the festival. Everyone stays busy in the hustle to stand out among the rest. If you’re one of them, you must stay tuned into this article until the very end. We would be sharing different ways to add a spark to your Christmas with embroidery patches.

Ways to Decor Your Xmas With Embroidery Patches

Patches are a great source to transform your old and boring items into new and fashionable ones. There are various kinds of badges, such as woven, PVC, heat transfer, leather, hook and loop, chenille badges, etc.

We have focused on the most popular ones in this piece of writing.

Tree Decoration

We all know the significance of the tree during this festival. Kids, as well as adults, get absorbed in making it look spectacular. The traditional way is to hang lights, ornaments, jewels, and garlands, right?

It is 2022, so it is time to come up with something unique. Embroidered Patches! Yes, you read it right. You can get them customized the way you want. You can either get your name written on it or your favorite quote. Choices are unlimited when you become creative.  


The absence of danglers would make the festival dry. You can either buy or create it by yourself. If you cannot find the type you want, then get it personalized. Some great online stores can create for you the way you want. So, what are you waiting for?

Order it and decorate your room or workspace. The idea of dragonflies has kind of become old now. A trendy option can be to get a dangler of tiny Christmas trees coupled with blueberries and beads.

A big brass bell at its end would add a cheerful ringing sound every time you would touch it. There are a few options for dangler printing, such as die-cut, 3D, and standard.

  • Die-cut

Snowflakes and beer bottles are the perfect examples of die-cut. This type has sharp cuts that add more to the visual impact.

You can even get som badges customised from a Velcro patch maker and then turn them into dangler.

  • 3D

This type is also pretty much similar to the above option. What makes them different is the additional cuts that turn them into three-dimensional objects. The on-lookers find the 3D danglers very eye-catchy.

  • Standard

We can assume by the name of this option that it includes items with simple shapes. By simple shapes, we mean circles, rectangular, squares, etc. This type is comparatively easily made, therefore, cheaper than the above options.

Get Creative with Embroidery

Don’t let your room and homestay dull during this special occasion. It is time to get creative with embroidery and make something unique. You can do this by sprinkling magic of cloth badges around your room.

For example, you can either stick or sew vibrant badges onto the mono colored curtains, pillows, and cushions. The addition of bright hues would transform the look of the room.

Incorporate This Trend into Your Wardrobe

As this special is getting around the corner, different brands are launching their Xmas collection. You would see one trend of patched T-shirts common among all collections. Badges are themed around the festival and placed on the shirts. It looks cute yet sophisticated.

You can buy from those stores. If you want to get more personalized then can order from an online patch maker website. You can then stick that object onto your desired place on the t-shirt.

You can place it either in the front pocket area or on the back. Small as well as big-sized ones would look great. Some options for embroidered insignia would be a Nativity scene, moose with lights on its antlers, red flower, snowmen, red stocking, and kitten playing with mistletoe.

  • Turn Your Military Jacket into a Fashion Statement

Here comes a special way to get in festive vibes for men. The military jacket gives a badass look to whoever adorns it. Introducing the jacket’s insignia-themed on the festive season be a cherry on top. 

Santa Claus carrying bags filled with gifts, sleigh carrying tree and gifts, a string of lights, and sequin wreath iron on badges would be a few great options.

  • It Is Time To Experiment With Your Track Jacket

If you don’t have a military jacket but own a track jacket – that’s fine. You can experiment with it. Make it look dashing while taking care of the color contrast between the jacket and the insignia.

You can get festive themed such as gingerbread couple cookies along with candy cane, Santa hat, sequin tree, red poinsettia, and reindeer wearing a Santa hat emblems from our handpicked Christmas collection of custom embroidered patches UK with some exclusive discounts.

  • Give Birth To a Denim Trend

By reading the above heading, you might be thinking that we are talking about denim jackets covered with emblems. Right? There is no need to bring a dead fashion out of the grave when you can give birth to a new one.

What do we mean by that? Instead of considering a denim jacket, use a pair of denim jeans in your closet. Expose that piece to bundles of badges of all types and sizes. Girls as well as dudes, can try out this idea to look effortlessly dashing.

There are endless choices for this. It is up to you whether you carry the vibes of this special occasion or your favorite theme. However, if you are going for Xmas theme, red berries, an ornament, a puppy with gifts, candy, etc. An insignia with the text of ‘’high maintenance’’ written can also be considered.

  • Opt For Rockstar Attire

Are you too tired of looking sophisticated? If yes, then opt for rockstar attire. You can achieve this look by sticking embroidered badges onto your leather jacket.

You can pair your bomber wrap with ripped jeans, T-shirt, and fancy shoes, and you are ready to step out of your home. You would appear as a model while street a ramp for you. You might notice lots of turn heads.

Enough of Clothes, It is Time for Sneakers

We shared several ideas of how you can stand out by making changes to your clothes with patches having different backing materials available out there. We don’t want to limit the options for you but rather let the creativity flow.

You would notice a trend online these days. Online shoe DIY stores are either buying branded or creating pairs of shoes by themselves and then transforming them into masterpieces.

These masters of art use paints, spray paints, and patches for that. So, you can either purchase a unique pair of footwear from such stores or create one by yourself by adding some wonderful emblems to it. This would give you a stunning look from top to bottom.

Wrapping Up

It is time to wrap up this article though there is still so much more interesting to it. However, we believe that these nine ideas are enough for you to help you celebrate your Christmas with embroidered patches.

Take advantage of this piece of creative ideas to make your special occasion count to the fullest. You can also share your ideas of décor with cloth badges in the comment box.
We hope you would celebrate this Christmas with these unique ideas to make it memorable for years.